Obamacare: How What It’s Doing is Exactly Wrong

June 20, 2015

Any day now, the Supreme Court will decide on what to do about the Obamacare subsidies. Obamacare proponents have said that if the subsidies are taken away, this could be the death knell for Obamacare. Obamacare proponents also like to say we need to keep Obamacare because the Republicans haven’t come up with any plans to replace it. But this is a straw man argument because it assumes that an all-encompassing “comprehensive” plan is somehow better than a series of plans to deal with specific problems. It implies the healthcare system must be run by the federal government without stopping to ask whether it should be meddling in your health care in the first place.

Health Enterprises Network

Louisville, KY
May 7, 2015

Grace-Marie Turner has been invited to speak in Louisville, Kentucky at the Health Enterprises Network. As part of Turner’s May 7 talk, she will give the lay-of-the-land for the ACA and touch on timely issues of subsidies, co-ops and the $65 million bailout for the Kentucky Health Cooperative.

Speaker’s Assembly of SW Florida

Bonita Springs, FL
March 13, 2015

Grace-Marie spoke at the Speaker’s Assembly of SW Florida. Her speech was entitled, “What’s Next with Health Reform: From the Supreme Court to the 2016 Elections” The Speakers Assembly Southwest Florida was established in 1996 as a non-profit, non-partisan organization, based on the concept of the ancient Greek forums. Thus, its

IBL New Models of care: an opportunity for Europe, a need for European people

Rome, Italy
December 8, 2014

In Europe, increased longevity translates into public finance problems, as it jeopardizes traditional pay-as-you-go retirement schemes. In the realm of healthcare, we see conflicting pressures and new challenges: not only as a consequence of an increasing need for budget relief and a potentially greater demand for innovative care from patients,